VirtualBox with SOA 12cR2 and StreameXplorer in 33 minutes

In a previous article, VirtualBox with SOA, BPM, OSB and BAM in 33 minutes, i described how you could quickly create a new Oracle VirtualBox image from scratch with SOA 12cR1. When following the instructions in this article you get almost the same result, only differences are that you will have SOA 12cR2 installed with Oracle StreameXplorer.… Read more...

VirtualBox with SOA, BPM, OSB and BAM in 33 minutes

The Oracle Quick Start installers for Developers are great for probably many developers, but they are limited. Shutting down (or crashing of) JDeveloper will shutdown the domain and there are separate Quick Start installers for SOA and BPM suite. When installing a SOA or BPM environment for development or research purposes i prefer an environment which is more close to a production configuration.… Read more...


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